TORONTO, Nov. 30, 2022 – CodeEye Solutions, the IR, offensive/defensive security-led services company, unveiled its IRIS Code Risk Management Platform today. The new platform helps organizations build safe and secure applications,  provides the tools for secure code compliance and highlights business risk. 

As organizations adopt digital transformation to create new, competitive solutions for customers, ensuring that development teams are able to integrate the right security controls in an automated fashion means more secure products, better code, and provides executive teams the ability to measure the risk within a product development.

IRIS can be deployed as a devsecops code scanning operational tool  integrated into the development process or it can be deployed as a secdevops compliance / audit tool, with weekly / monthly scanning capabilities for security teams to ensure policies are enforced, risks are identified and auditors can report on compliance. What separates IRIS from the market is our focus on business context,  risk visibility,  operational readiness and compliance.

With the launch of CodeEye Solutions’ IRIS platform, organizations can now take advantage of managed, on-demand, or annual subscription application scanning services. The platform covers Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), Static Application Security Testing (SAST), and Third-Party library scans, Forensic Code Scanning, Executive Risk Management Module and much more. IRIS also integrates with many existing CI/CD tools and source controls (such as Github) and has its own API. “Many of our customers are asking us how they justify spending or measuring risk in development and if their teams are improving in secure development. Beyond the technical features that set IRIS apart, this is what our product does. We help clients understand risks wherever their code is and if their developers are increasing or decreasing that risk,” said Rob Howes, CEO of CodeEye Solutions. “Clients that have the compliance requirement but lack the resources or knowledge can also take advantage of our managed SecDevOps expertise,” said Howes. CodeEye Solutions is the only vendor in the secure code space that provides a managed practice for clients to take full advantage of.

CodeEye anticipates that market demand for a managed code compliance will increase as budgets tighten for the next fiscal year and as internal security teams maintain focus on traditional security operations.  Contact CodeEye Solutions today to discuss your next application project or compliance requirements.

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